Alles kann warten, nur die Zeit nicht.

Tonight the sunset means so much

The one thing that you know you’ll never touch

Like the feeling, the real thing

I reach out for that sweet dream

But somehow the darkness wakes me up

I’ve felt this emptiness before

But all the times that I’ve been broken

I still run right back for more


You’d think that I’d learned my lesson by now

You’d think that I’d somehow figure out

That if you strike the match

You’re bound to feel the flame

You’d think that I’d learn the cost of love

Paid that price long enough

But still I drive myself right through the pain

Yeah, well it turns out I haven’t learned a thing


Sometimes I think I’m better off

To turn out the lights and close up shop

And give up the longing, believing and belonging

Just hold down my head and take the loss


Yeah, well it turns out I haven’t learned a thing

[Daughtry – Learn My Lesson]

~ von Erdbeere - Juni 27, 2012.

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