I’d rather try to fly & risk the fall.

I’d rather stand on the edge of a cliff

And hang my toes over a bit

And then jump when they dare me

Even if it scares me and I get hurt

I’d rather build my wings on the way down

Do my best not to fall to the ground

And then laugh at my mistakes

‚Cause they’re only lessons I’ll learn

I’d rather burn with desire deep in my soul

And love like a fire that’s out of control

And laugh and dance and fall and chance and kiss

I’d rather live my whole life with a sense of abandon

Squeeze every drop out

No matter what happens

And not wonder what I’ve missed

I’d rather risk

Well I guess I could just play it safe

And forget about love, hope and faith

With my eye on the shore line

Keeping my boat tied and staying home

Oh but I’ll never discover new land

By keeping my feet on the sand

No I’d rather set sail

And get carried away by the storm

[Paul Brandt – Risk]

~ von Erdbeere - Juli 23, 2010.

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