Dear Daddy..


Why am I trying so hard to fit in your world

to make you proud?

Why are you wanting me to fit in there?

Please daddy realize,

I’m no more your little girl.

I’m just myself.

Daddy, why is everything you say

stuff said to hurt me?

Say Goodnight to me,

when this evening I go to bed.

Please say Hello to me,

when next morning I wake up.

Daddy please stop hurting me

with seeing right through me like I ain’t there.

And please stop hurting me,

when you see me, saying words I can’t deal with.

Please daddy,

just let me be myself.

I’m trying hard to make you proud,

but I never will be good enough for you.

I know you don’t know what I think daddy…

but just try to let me live my own life.

~ von Erdbeere - April 9, 2007.

2 Antworten to “Dear Daddy..”

  1. my darling, if itsemmslike your daddy dosn’t love you- close your eyes and realize the sorrow and the pain in those words, that go through you and hurt you. Love is sometimes hard and dosn’t mean always to act soft. I think it’s difficult for your daddy too, to let you go.

    You say you are no longer his little girl, but you want to be kissed abd brought to bed at night??? Help him tolet you go.

    I know it’ssomtimes hard

  2. Hey sweetie
    seems like it’s hard for your daddy to let you go, tell him your feelings, and i’m sure he’ll understand!!

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